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From October 2016, REIB as first in Estonia is offering Mobile Laserscanning services from a car.

The device in use is Riegl VMZ / VZ-400. It is a cutting-edge technology whose features are geared towards high accuracy, reliable quality and universality.

Technology is ideal for the following:
- surveying of highway's, roads and streets for topographic plans, 3D models, pavement inspections and milling project modeling;
- surveying of the quarries to obtain excavation volumes;
- measuring other sites to get a geodetic layout and a 3D model, for whatever purpose, (everywhere, if possible to drive a 4WD car);
- In addition, the device can also be used for static laser scanning, for example buildings, bridges and other structures both inside and outside, for quantification volumes and other purposes.

For complex and hard-to-reach sites, laser scanning offers a huge advantage in comparision to traditional methods, both in terms of performance and detail accuracy and precision.

Laser-scanning with a mobile device allows us to increase a level of safety, especially on the roads.

High accuracy is ensured by hi-tech components of the mapping system hardware and software (GNSS and trajectory calculations, matching of the clouds and data processing), that requires high qualification from the Surveyor.

Also a special car is playing an important role. The scan distance from the instrument is between 1.5 and 600 m, only the physical obstacles that the scanner does not go through is a limit. Also winter with snow is an obstacle. Night is not a problem.

RElB's nine-member team participated four weeks of training in Finland, as a result, we are ready to offer all types of terrestrial and mobile scanning. The question of how deep to go to with postprocessing can be agreed with each client for each project individually.

Until summer 2017, we have surveyed 35 Projects, such as streets, highways, creating topographic plans, 3D models, milling projects, quarries for a total of hundreds of kilometers of corridors, covering more than 1,000 hectares area with pointcloud.

Therefore, we have gained good experience in order to provide our customers high-quality measurement using modern technology.

If you are interested in, write to mairolt (at) or call +372 5058872
REIB team: ready for challenges.

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